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Thirty years of firearms experience

Shooting sports are thrilling, challenging, fun, and sometimes nerve-wracking for those new to the sport. With over thirty years experience, I specialize in developing new shooters and refining experienced ones. From introduction to the sport, to more advanced courses, I am prepared to meet your needs for firearms instruction in shotgun, rifle or handgun.

As the spokesperson for various firearms groups, I am well-versed in the intricate details of firearm policy in Canada and the world.


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I had the pleasure of John’s instruction for my Black Badge course. He was very knowledgeable, thorough and attentive. He put an equally strong emphasis on safety and skill. I felt fully prepared for my IPSC matches. He is also an inspiring individual with a unique energy and passion for all the shooting disciplines. His dedication to constantly improving the sport on every level is a tremendous boon to all who participate. I am sure that the same dedication will be applied to his Firearms Safety courses. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone interested in obtaining their PAL/rPAL, Black Badge or any other instruction related to the shooting sports.
— Gregory J. Mosdossy
John Evers was a key IPSC head at my club. He was one of the first people to introduce me to Ipsc as he was my black badge instructor. John is a great instructor and has a great deal of passion for teaching and the shooting community. He has always been there to help with guidance and his experience.
— Andrew Ducharme
I met John a long time ago! I was in the Black Badge course where he was doing his supervised teaching. He was very patient and kind, loved to impart many extra facts and anecdotes, and really really knew his stuff! It was a great weekend!

This was at the very beginning of my shooting and I had a terrible problem with nerves! Most things were quite difficult for me. John was extremely helpful and understanding and I made it through because of him! He has continued to be kind and patient, extremely knowledgeable, and terrifically fun to be around.

You should consider yourself lucky to be taught by John!
— Robbin Mosdossy
I first met John on his CBC interview (so he was a celebrity to me). Then in May of 2017 i was able to take my black badge with him.

John was an RO (Range Officer) at the Crumlin match this past summer and enlightened me to my enthusiastic approach which made my day.

John is very well delivered in all his conversations, and that is the quality I admire most. He’ll be polite but to the point yet excellently metaphorical!

I have a hard time finding anyone else I’d trust the fate of the sport to. Your constant positivity and excellent knowledge of the sport all the way to the international level is the representation our sport needs. You’re an inspiration to me to work on my public speaking and maybe even my grip....
— Greg McKenzie



My promise is to provide you with a safe, entertaining, and educational firearms experience.

My goal is to engender an appreciation for the history, mechanics, philosophy, and fun of guns and shooting sports in general.


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I am a passionate advocate for shooting sports in Canada. I truly believe that the firearm community consists of some of the best people in the country.

Introducing others to the sport, and defending others in it, brings me great pride and I am passionate for both sides.